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Case Studies

At Restorative Justice for All we work with different marginalized groups, from young people at risk of offending, to young people with behavioral difficulties or physical difficulties, migrants, refugees, BAME and other’s at risk of being isolated.


Joe lost his mom when he was only 6 and he had to take care of his father who had restricted mobility as he had paralysis in the lower part of his body and was also presenting signs of severe depression. Joe was a strong boy, but the difficulties in his childhood led him to get involved in a gang and in drug abuse. He was taken care of in a foster house and he would sometimes escape but according to the carers, it was happening less after we started with the activities. According to them, being involved with people who didn’t know about his past, who didn’t judge him based on things he’s done or just being surrounded by people who didn’t feel sorry for him was a great experience for him. He was able to direct his energy and his competitiveness to a healthy activity, and he was great at it, encouraging more this.
I liked it because I learned how to do a lot of different things like sailing and paddleboarding, my favourite part of the water sports was when we were doing sailing and I was stirring the boat with my friends Michelle and Jackie, Michelle was doing the sails and Jackie was sitting in front of the boat, and the thing is.. I’ve never stirred the boat, like ever, we were doomed basically! We just started turning and the wind just blasted our sails and we were going really quick and because me and Michelle had never done the sails or stirring Michelle didn’t know she had to loosen our sail so our boat was tilting so much that the water started to go in a little. When we went out of the area with the wind the boat went back to normal and Jackie just turned around to me and asked me if we could do it again.
Another case that stands out was a young girl with cerebral palsy, who was shaking with nerves at the start of our activity week in half term. She had only ever been on a boat once before, and had a fear of deep water. Not having the same physical ability as a few in her group, she was apprehensive about getting in to one of the beginner boats. She decided to start out on a canoe after encouragement from one of volunteers. Almost immediately her confidence had grown and she was eager to try something a little more difficult. Initially, she was adamant she would only get in the boat with the volunteer she had built trust with. However, by the end of the day she was keen to sail with other participants as often as she could, building trust and relationships with many of the group. This continued throughout her sessions and she stood out as the most improved by the end of the events. The end result for this girl was ultimately the aim of our project; to build skills, trust and resilience for our participants through education.

You are not alone covid-19 relief campaign

“I received the mask, thank you. I can now go for short walks. [...] Thanks again for the mask, my legs were so swollen because I was in the house all the time.”
"You're very kind. Thank you so much for your advice and for your ear, for listening to me."
“Thank you so much for listening to me. It would be lovely to have someone to talk to. I need food, but I need someone to talk to even more.”
"Thank you 3 month grant would be amazing I really appreciate your help honestly it’s not easy at all again thank you means a lot to me and my daughter."
Thank you RJ4All for the face masks and hand sanitisers. These formed part of the care/food parcels for Rennie Estate, Manor Estate around SE16. LISA, MANOR ESTATE TRA


As a volunteer I supported the competition by helping to run a social media campaign, this included designing and sharing social media posts. I promoted each of our categories and their associated prizes. I also helped judge the submissions which was very difficult since we received so many incredible submissions from such talented individuals. LARA, MEMBER OF THE YOUTH MANAGEMENT BOARD
“FANTASTIC RJ4All! Just went on a virtual tour of the exhibition…….amazing!" Clare, parent of participant
“Thanks for this – it looks fantastic!!! Massive well done to everyone involved.” Kate, faciliator. The APE Project, St Paul's Adventure Playground
I’d like to add my congratulations to RJ4All. They are exactly the kind of organisation that communities, particularly post-Covid need. There work in seeking to bring communities and people from different backgrounds together has never been more needed than it has been today and this year with the anniversary of the Mayflower, it’s a poignant reminder of the powerful contribution that immigrants have always made to this country.

Restorative art PROJECT

In one of our restorative art projects we discussed the definition of community, and we asked the children to paint a flag that represented their community. This brought a few interesting topics, for example, we had a 10 year old boy who was really affected by Brexit due to his best friend (from Poland) going back to his country. The definition of community for him was a place that allowed every country and every person to stay together. In the same activity, we also had a 12 years old girl who painted an LGBTQ+ flag and defined herself as ‘Bi’ and explained how some people, including other children in her school and her family, have made fun of her, or have not taken it seriously, this opened a great opportunity for her to freely express herself and for other children to understand how words can hurt. After the session finished, she thanked us for giving her the opportunity to express herself as she has continuously felt like she has to live hiding it.

Interns and Volunteers

“I am so happy I got the opportunity to volunteer for this project! I’ve learned how to assist in the development of local projects, how to transmit the project‘s objectives to relevant stakeholders and to ensure resources for the project. I have developed my leadership skills and I’ve even learned how to create a website and make videos! I’m a better professional now than I was a month ago. This (opportunity) has definitely changed everything for me and to think that so many people have benefitted from this activity is crazy to me, to think that I am able to bring happiness and better opportunities to people is extremely rewarding for me as a person and a professional” ​
Harriet, 24
Communications volunteer
This was an incredible experience I was able to learn team management and managing children liaising between parents, other project Officers and the water sports centre and just have a bit of fun which was great” ​
Jessica Thomas, 20
project volunteer
It’s been a great experience especially on the logistical planning which was very exciting and then obviously the kids and seeing how that teamwork experience has evolved as a result to the activities.
Esmee Khan
project volunteer