Culture and Art for the Square Mile

In an increasingly divided London, the RJ4All International Institute runs the CA4SM project which is a children-led project which aims to enhance the Square Mile cultural heritage and creative future by providing children an opportunity to learn and use their creativity. 

Our Activities
  • Let’s have fun in the workshops

    Participate to our exciting workshops! You will use digital arts, such as 3D printers, to learn about the environment, climate change and the symbols of London’s culture

  • Exhibition

    A final exhibition showing the art-pieces produced duirng the workshop will be organized. It will be a great opportunity for kids and family to gather together and have fun


  • E-book: let the world now about us

    Your work is important to us and to the world. That is why, at the end of the project, an e-book will be published and disseminated widely including being catalogued with the British Library and made available online through RJ4All Publications

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