Applications are now open for the ‘FRED Awards 2023’! This year’s competition is all about acknowledging our community champions and those who have dedicated themselves to the FRED principles of fairness, respect, equality, and dignity. This year’s competition also challenges young people to use their imagination and showcase their creativity and originality!

Community Champion Award

The first award is for our “Community Champion”. This award is all about recognising the people who have made an outstanding contribution to our community at RJ4All and is designed to celebrate the unsung heroes whose volunteering efforts have had a positive impact on the wider community.

Anyone can nominate a person they think is suitable, and we welcome nominations from members of the local community.

Fill out this ‘form’ outlining who you are nominating and why they deserve this award!

The Youth Awards

The second award is in the “Inspiring Future” category. This award invites young people to submit pieces inspired by this year’s theme “My Hopes for the Future”.  We invite applicants to be as creative as they can, and submit in genres including poetry, short written pieces, blog style posts, art work etc.

We especially look for originality and imagination in our judging criteria, and prizes will be awarded to entrants who can demonstrate these qualities in their work.

We welcome applications from anyone under the age of 25.

Please send your submissions to  with the subject ‘FRED Awards’.

The deadline for nominations and submissions is the 10th December 2023 (Please Note: incomplete applications or applications handed in after the deadline, will not be accepted!)