Florence Goodayle – Deputy Executive Director

Noor Etienne-Richards – Head of Online Content


By joining me you will get the chance to be part of high quality volunteering opportunities! I hold the Quality Label for the European Commission’s European Solidarity Corps volunteering programme (receiving & sending volunteers)

What can we offer you?

With us, you can gain high quality volunteering and internship opportunities that are structured either as office-based or remote placements aiming to increase individual skills and confidence levels insights in within the following areas: equalities, human rights, restorative justice, race and gender equality, youth policy and youth crime, radicalisation

Given our involvement with the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), your participation and learnings will be formally certified!

  • ESC certificate your PARTICIPATION: Every participant having finalised a European Solidarity Corps activity, will be entitled to certificate to testify your participation in European Solidarity Corps activities
  • YOUTH PASS certificate your LEARNINGS: Differently from the ESC certificate of participation, the Youth Pass is a more complex certification which wants to testify your learnig process by making it more explicit.

While carrying out any project/activity/research you will unpack and reflect on what you have learned from that experience. Your learnings will be, then, officially certified through the Youth Pass! 

RJ4All is committed to empowering young people to influence policy and practice. It is for this reason that RJ4All regards role of young people within the organisation as crucial. To accommodate this ideology, RJ4All has created an independent body of young people aged 15 – 29 named the Youth Management Board (YMB)who will take on responsibility for evaluating and steering the work of the organisation. It is Important that RJ4All’s work incorporates the views of young people in its projects and therefore the YMB provides the means for this to be achieved.

The YMBconsists of no more than 20 members with a quorum of 3 members who will meet, at a minimum every three months but it is possible for the YMB to meet every month also. The aim of these meetings will be to evaluate and discuss RJ4All projects and operations as well as to respond to youth policy issues in the community

The role of the YMB

  • The YMB has been created to serve as an independent youth-led and youth focused panel, with the objective to empower young people, make a tangible change to youth policy and give their unfiltered perspectives on the work done by RJ4All.
  • Each member of the YMB must agree to deliver their role for one year minimum, after which there will be a review.
  • Each YMB member will be required to sign an agreement of their role and commitments
  • Through the agreement of roles each member is taking on a responsibility to attend each group meeting and to come prepared for each meeting.
  • All of the members of the YMB must decide and agree together, the boundaries and expectations of the members.
  • Each member is expected to be well organised and to read agendas and relevant paperworkahead of each meeting.

Membership attributes:


User or Ex user of youth services Aware of youth issues


Campaigner Networker Advocate Computer Skills Organised

Get involved Team player Optimistic


The RJ4All Project Coordinator (PC) will be responsible for communicating group meetings back to the RJ4All Project Team and vice versa.


  • The dates of future meetings will be discussed periodically will be expected to be quarterly (every three months) or monthly of necessary
  • Venue of the meetings will be decided by the group, RJ4All offices will provide free room bookings if desired
  • Organised by the PC
  • Topics discussed will be generated by the previous meeting and the PC
  • Meetings will be arranged via email by the PC
  • When available Trustees will be invited with the group’s permission
  • Each YMB member will take it in turn to be the minute-taker and chair
  • YMB representatives will be invited to RJ4All Trustees Board meetings that are taking place quarterly.
  1. Sharing of information and resources (including confidential materials)
  • There is a small budget for the YMB and any requests will need to go through the secretary.
  • Group members share information and resources via a closed YMB group on Facebook
  • The Facebook group will also be a space to post policy and allow for discussion outside of meetings
  • Confidential materials will be kept in the RJ4All shared drive

Review Process

Every YMB member after appointment needs to sign a declaration of willingness to act as the YMB member and agree to all responsibilities enclosed in the Terms of Reference before he or she may contribute at any meeting of the YMB.

The YMB will be reviewed annually. Two members of the YMB must retire at each review, those longest in office retiring first and the choice between any of equal service being made by drawing lots.

A retiring YMB member who remains qualified may be reappointed for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms of office.

A YMB member’s term of office automatically terminates if he or she:

1- Is absent from 3 consecutive YMB meetings within a 6 month period and is asked by the majority of the other YMB members to resign;

2- Resigns by written notice to the YMB (but only if at least five YMB members remain in office)

The YMB may at any time co-opt any individual young person who is qualified to be appointed as a YMB member to fill a vacancy in their number. The co-opted YMB member holds office only until the next review.

The Role of RJ4All

A YMB member will occasionally be given the opportunity to represent the views of the YMB at a trustees meeting, so that young people’s views form the youth projects.

RJ4All will be able to assist and support the YMB through the role of the PC who will be the main point of contact for the YMB secretary (the secretary is appointed by the YMB and can revolve from member to member, the secretary will take minutes and share these with the PC), the PC will be the main point of contact between the YMB and RJ4All’s staff members.

RJ4All will also induct the YMB team at the beginning of their term a brief breakdown of all the projects and policy areas that the organisation covers as well as introducing each member of staff. This is to ensure the YMB team are fully aware and understand the work and vision of RJ4All to enable them to make robust, effective and relevant recommendations in their term.

Access Requirements

Please specify any access requirements you have for attending meetings or communicating between meetings (e.g.: wheelchair access, hearing induction loop, large print papers)

On completion of their term, members of the YMB will receive certification for their contributions to the project if they have upheld their responsibilities under the Terms of Reference.