‘My Voice, My future’ is an exciting programme, presenting the youth of Southwark (8 – 15-years-old) with options they might not have considered before, keeping them safe and diverting them away from harm and knife crime. 

Our project creates free activities, allowing children and young people (7-15-years-old) to take advantage of the opportunities that the area offers through educational, physical, and creative extracurricular activities. We use the values and practices of restorative justice to achieve these aims.
Emotionally: activities will centre around open group discussion, where children can share their feelings and ideas in a safe space and learn from one another.
Culturally: the programs will teach about cultural openness and truthful representation while bringing together peers from different political, economic, social and religious backgrounds.
Artistically: the children will learn new creative skills through activities focused on art, music, theatre, and dance.
Socially: the program will provide an opportunity for children to grow their social skills through team-building exercises and open discussions.
October 2019:
We are proud to release this FREE CPD accredited e-course for youth workers, teachers in primary and secondary education as well as other professionals working with young people: https://www.rj4all.uk/online/profile/?redirect_to=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rj4all.uk%2Fonline%2Fcourses%2Fpreventing-violent-youth-radicalisation%2F%3Fenroll-course%3D4593
The list of future activities and dates will be posted soon on this website