Balancing Power Youth Programme

A key restorative justice principle is power sharing. The RJ4All International Institute was created with an aim to rebalance power through education and by using the values and practices of restorative justice. Starting with our children and young people, our Institute has created the umbrella “Balancing Power Youth Programme” with the following strategic long-term objectives:

Empower children and young people through skills development, education and volunteering putting an emphasis on the most marginalised groups of our modern societies

Give voice and create a youth-led evidence base for social policy reforms that are responsive to young peoples’ realities and priorities

Build bridges between young people and decision makers

Provide direct support to young people in need including advice, mentoring, opportunities to build new relationships in a safe environment including getting involved in sports, watersports, art, social media and blogging! 

As part of the programme, we are using our various youth-focused projects to achieve our long term objectives. We are also tapping into the e-courses that we create and accredit for our various programmes and existing funding arrangements.

Ultimately, through this long term ambitious programme, the RJ4All International Institute wants to see a society where children and young people:

  • have a voice
  • are properly supported to achieve equally and fairly in life
  • are treated as partners in the formation of policies, legislation and practices that affect them, while society takes better responsibilities for their future.