The Restorative Justice family is always excited to welcome new members! Opportunities are open to anyone who wishes to build up their CV.


Do you want to improve your research and writing skills?

By volunteering with us you will have the chance to support research projects, write blogs and articles on a range of interesting topics related to human rights and social justice.




Are you a creative person?

Join us and apply your creative skills to our social action campaigns and develop your communication skills. With us, you will have the opportunity to:

Create videos, flyers and posters to promote our projects

Designing our webpages and managing or social media accounts



Do you want to develop a range of other skills?

When joining our family you will have the chance to improve a number of different skills when delivering our projects, including organizational skills, project management, team working, problem-solving, critical thinking, presentation and public speaking.






But most importantly

Get out to the world and expand your network! Meet people who have interests similar to you. Trust us, it will be an amazing experience!





Please call us or e-mail us at: to discuss volunteering opportunities.