Deeply believing in the power of youth making a change, the FRED youth-led campaign aims at organizing yearly awards for young people who want to make a difference to their communities and to the world. The aim of the awards is, indeed, to recognize and reward outstanding young people that contribute to our mission of encouraging integration in a more and more divided society.

Opportunities won’t fall short! Starting from 2019, each year new themes, categories and prizes will be announced.

“We are delighted to support young people to carry out this Solidarity Project, co-funded by the European Solidarity Corps. By aiming to enhance community cohesion and launching the campaign, these participants can have their voices heard and make a difference in their local area, while building skills such as project management, communication and research.”

The FRED Annual Youth Awards are organised by the RJ4All International  Institute in partnership with high profile individuals and organisations to reward inspirational young people and youth work.

Sailing the Mayflower is a youth-led project based in Rotherhithe, with the aim of commemorating the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage, increasing awareness by sharing the stories amongst the local community. 

Because of its history, the Mayflower became a symbol for migrants integration in society. This is especially relevant today in Rotherhithe as elsewhere, in lights of the increase in hate crimes and divisions between newcomers and local citizens. 

Since migrants’ integration is one of the most difficult challenges that societies are facing nowadays, Restorative Justice for All is taking this opportunity to bring people together in a youth-led Awards Ceremony that will take place on the 29th October 2020. This ceremony will open a space to share the history of the Mayflower while also showcasing and promoting the work of young people in an environment opened to dialogue where we can discuss important issues that will help increasing social and community cohesion and will empower marginalized and local youths and their families in the area.

Leading to the Ceremony, the project will run a competition on the theme of the Mayflower.

You can submit a piece of work in one of these four categories

Visual Arts,

Performing Arts

Poetry & Writing

Community Projects

But remember! Your work should reflect the main theme of the project, namely the celebration of the sailing of the Mayflower as a symbol of migrants integration.