"YOU ARE NOT ALONE!" covid-19 relief project

RJ4All, through its youth-led FRED campaign, is delivering a Covid-19 relief project to support vulnerable young people suffering  during the pandemic. Through high quality volunteering, we are delivering a range of online and in person social action available at our community centre. 




Our youth-led FRED campaign is fully aware of the impact that COVID-19 and lockdowns had on young people’s mental health. Some of our service users have indicated very worrying levels of poor mental health that could lead to self-harm or long-term illness. While most require support in the form of advice, others are still asking for PPE or, simply, food that they are not able to purchase due to lack of income or support. Our food pantry also offers products for personal hygiene from dental, skincare and sanitary products; sanitary products in particular can cost tremendously.

A small minority are homeless or are dealing with drug or other addiction issues therefore may not be in receipt of welfare or not have the capacity to complete the requirements.

We also know that the NHS and public services are currently overburdened. There are few resources to provide young people with specialist mental health support or immediate relief and food. 

The economic effects of the social distancing policy have a disproportionate impact on young people. They are often represented in low income sectors, which are worse affected, such as hospitality. 


Our services

Food & ppe

We are giving free food and PPE to children, vulnerable young people and their families

Online competitions & awards

We are celebrating the contribution of migrants and refugees across the UK!

This competition is for all ages and abilities. Submissions can be made into one of the following categories; Art, Writing, Community projects and Drama & Dance. This is a great idea to educate your children and keep them entertained over summer. 

FRED youth-led Forum

A forum run by trained young people and created to offer young people a free space to share their feelings, concerns and ideas. 

Secure chat & Facebook 

This is a place where you can share your concerns, thoughts and fears with others, build safe relationship and stop feeling lonely. You can also join us on Facebook for regular updates on freebies and much more.



We have collected a long list of resources from a variety of organisations, as well as our own, that will help to minimise the impact of the pandemic aimed at a range of ages. This includes free classes, games, competitions and much more. 

Meet our volunteers


The reason why I am happy to volunteer for RJ4All is that I cannot think of a better way to contribute to the global fight against Covid 19 than to offer my time and support to others who may be facing difficulties at this time.


Covid-19 has had a very significant impact on our lives and has changed the way in which we live. Being a part of this project is a great way to support the well-being of young people and assure them that they are not alone.  


RJ4ALL is a charity that I feel gives opportunities to people by giving them the chance to have a voice, the ability to share their values and together make them work.


As a junior doctor working in Psychiatry I realise the importance of understanding and empathetic care and how this can transform a young people and enable them to continue to achieve their full potential. I have been proudly supporting the helpline team with training. 

Dr Theo Gavrielides

As the director of RJ4All I am proud to oversee the work of the youth-led FRED campaign delivering this crucial project during such unprecedented times. 


We participate in the local giving coronavirus fund. This means we will receive extra funding that allows us to continue with our project. You can support us by donating directly to the ‘You Are Not Alone’ project page.

We are also looking for volunteers to take calls and fundraise while we accept ‘in kind’ donations of food and PPE. Click here to find out more!


FRED is a youth-led campaign, hosted by the Restorative Justice for All International Institute. We deliver social action projects and high quality youth volunteering opportunities. Our projects focus on promoting Fairness, Respect, Equality and Dignity (FRED).

We are delighted to receive support from our wonderful sponsors, including the London Community Response Fund and Southwark Councils Community response, which we have pulled together along with in-kind resources to develop this project. To get in touch, email us at admin@rj4all.org


RJ4All is registered with Southwark Council as a food business establishment (reference number “southwark-959326”)