Our projects give opportunities to marginalized youths

Our projects create a safe space where children can share their feelings and ideas

Our projects bring together peers from different backgrounds

Our projects encourage participants to contribute to the community


FRED is my youth-led campaign. It is run through social action projects and high quality youth volunteering. It is an independent entity that is hosted by the Restorative Justice for All International Institute.

FRED aims to:

  1. Promote the values of Fairness, Respect, Equality and Dignity (FRED), as they impact on young people, especially the most marginalised communities.

2. Directly support young people in need through advice, volunteering, educational programmes and social action projects.

3. Dispel stereotypes about young people with an emphasis on those who are at risk of being marginalised, disadvantaged or excluded due to their background, race, mental health, socio-economic status, gender, physical abilities or sexual orientation.

FRED is steered by a Youth Management Board that is mentored by RJ4All.

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“We are delighted to support this youth-led campaign, which finds its origin in young people’s determination to tackle some of the challenges of today’s society, such as the increase of divisions and inequalities. Spreading the principles of restorative justice, the campaign aims at celebrating diversity, as a great strength that brings us together”​
Theo Gavrielides​
Director and Funder of RJ4All​
“The FRED campaign is a testament of our young peoples’ determination for a change. We often blame them for apathy, but this youth-led initiative proves the opposite. I am delighted to support FRED and look forward to the 2020 FRED Awards celebrating 400 years since the sailing of the Mayflower from our local area, taking some of the first migrants to America”
Nick Johnson​
Liberal Democrat Councillor, Surrey Docks Ward - Southwark Council​
"I am so happy I have the opportunity to volunteer for this project! It is incredible to me to think that so many people are benefitting from these activities, and for me to be able to open the doors to other young people to become the best version of themselves is extremely gratifying."

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Love campaigning, fundraising, art activities, and promoting projects on social media? Do you want to develop many more skills such as team work and time management which would look great on your CV? Well, Restorative Justice for All’s FRED campaign is the right place for you!

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The FRED campaign will deliver several social action projects and over 200 high-quality volunteering opportunities in social activism, blogging, social media, and event management to help disadvantaged youth living in Southwark to realise their full potential.

Through these projects and opportunities we can prove that differences are a strength rather than a weakness.

Please donate to help us achieve these aims and ultimately build a more fair and inclusive society.


2nd may 2020

For everyone, the world has changed somewhat from how we knew it just five months ago…

2nd may 2020

Restorative justice allows those affected by all forms of crime to explain to the offenders the impact their criminality has had on them.

19th february 2020

“It’s no secret that the UK population is ageing” (1). The increase of elderly people in the UK as well as in Europe is now established and proven fact.

11th february 2020

The Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) International Institute is extremely excited to launch its Youth Voice Jornal special issue “Young People Doing Politics” with guest editors, Professors Angela Stienen and Omar Alonso Uran Arena

a bit more about fred

The FRED campaign has been set up and is run by young volunteers from all corners of the world. We are behind this website, and most of us are below the age of 25!

That is why we feel passionate about providing our peers with high quality volunteering that is structured through programmes such as the European Solidarity Corps (e.g. ESC)

Join us and get your participation and learnings certified
through the ESC participation certificate and the Youth Pass!