Half a year ago the world was a different place. We did not know what the expression “social distancing” meant, and the idea of a country being in lockdown sounded like something out of a movie. Since the beginning of … Read more

It is no surprise that being in isolation has had an immense negative impact on people’s mental health. Yet, as lockdown restrictions ease, how will mental health be affected? For some, being able to go out and meet up with … Read more

Coronavirus has taken over the country with everyone having to change their daily routines and adjust their attitudes to social interactions. This is a huge change for everyone, and the impacts of these changes should not be taken lightly. However, … Read more

The message from government over the past 5 weeks has been to “Stay Home,” “Protect the NHS” and to “Save Lives”. These measures have been seen as crucial in the fight to overcome coronavirus. However, for over 300,000 people in … Read more

For everyone, the world has changed somewhat from how we knew it just five months ago. Our focus, not just individually but globally, has been abruptly switched from a milieu of issues to the pandemic of COVID-19. While many of … Read more

Child Sexual Abuse and Restorative Justice

by Aliza Khan


Restorative justice allows those affected by all forms of crime to explain to the offenders the impact their criminality has had on them. It gives victims a voice. The damage … Read more

I have, for as far back as I can remember, struggled in public situations. My mind, adept at sowing doubt, places blind suspicion in the motives of others, imagines boredom in those I talk to, attacking me with every blink, Read more

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, more and more people are facing either sudden or growing mental health struggles with less available support than before. Feelings of anxiety panic, and even loneliness are beginning to affect people in varying degrees.… Read more

Carers: the everyday heroes of an ageing society

“It’s no secret that the UK population is ageing” (1). The increase of elderly people in the UK as well as in Europe is now established and proven fact. The Office

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The Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) International Institute is extremely excited to launch its Youth Voice Jornal  special issue “Young People Doing Politics” with guest editors, Professors Angela Stienen and Omar Alonso Uran Arena.

The issue highlights young

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